So You Want to be a Writer? What Are You Going to Write About?

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Author Don Massenzio

Woman thinking blackboardIn some capacity, I have always been a writer. When other kids dreaded writing papers or completing essay questions on tests, I welcomed them. These things were a chance to show what I knew and what I thought instead of testing my capability to memorize data. My ability to write served me well throughout my professional career (day job). Something was missing, though.

I always wanted to focus more on creative writing. Over the years, I had many starts and stops. Professional pressures and other time consuming activities never allowed me to focus on an activity that I knew I would love. Then, one day, I switched to a job that had me traveling four days per week, forty weeks per year. This created a great deal of downtime.

Blank notebook isolated on whiteI can still remember the day about five years ago when I pulled out a blank notebook from my carry on…

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