Editing Services

My editing services include the typical types of editing that you would find from other providers. I am certified for both American and British English editing and have edited multiple books for authors that speak English as a second language.

Proofreading: I’ll identify typos along with punctuation and grammatical errors.

Line Editing: All of the proofreading functions plus identification of structural and continuity issues for your complete manuscript.

Developmental Editing: Includes proofreading, line editing along with suggestions for rewriting and paraphrasing to avoid redundancy or structural issues in your writing.

Supplemental Writing: If your stuck on a section or have writers block for a particular area of your story, I’ll brainstorm ideas and provide you with written original content.

Ghost Writing: Do you have a story, essay, blog post or book idea, but you can’t seem to get the words on paper? I’ll help you realize your vision.

Check out the rates for these services HERE.