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DSM Publications offers Editing and Formatting services to Indie Authors with advice and networking with other authors.

As Indie Authors, we are all in this together. Every day we make gains on the traditional publishing market.

“Working with Don makes editing less terrifying. His working process is straight forward, effective and precise and gives me the safety to know my book is in good hands. Don knows my weaknesses and works continuously on improving my writing by challenging my expressions and thoughts. I plan to work with Don on my entire series and hopefully even longer.

– Aurora Jean Alexander – Writer’s Treasure Chest blog

One of the ways that we can accomplish even more is by making sure that the work we produce is of the highest quality possible to help alleviate the stigma that has been cast upon us by the traditional publishing world.

“Don is a top highly skilled professional. No matter what you need: editing, proofreading or only a piece of advice, you can be certain – the final result will satisfy even the most demanding publisher. Don is a great master of time, as well. He is very punctual & precise. So you won’t have to worry in case if you are on a tight timetable. The book will be ready in time. ALWAYS! And the most important: Don is a rare editor who is open for international collaboration. So, if English is not your native language & you are tired of searching for a perfect proofreader – Don Massenzio is the one you need!”

– Maria Rosellini – Eternamenta blog

It has been my mission to help other indie authors realize a high level of quality while alleviating the tedious tasks of editing and formatting by sharing the experience I have picked up along the way.

“Having sent Don a rough version of a manuscript, I was amazed at how much he was able to correct and format for us. He truly did a remarkable job creating a legible and compelling story. We will continue to rely on Don for any future writing that we do.”

– Prof. Frank Ricciardiello
– Mrs. Irene Ricciardiello

My goal with DSM Publications is to offer cafeteria-style services to indie authors at a reasonable price.

I truly enjoy this kind of work while I help you on your writing journey.

I hope you’ll help me make this new venture a success.

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