Stevie Interviews author Pamela Jessen

Check out this interview with author Pamela Jessen as featured in this post from Stevie Turner’s blog.

Stevie Turner

Today I’m pleased to feature poet and short story writer Pamela Jessen.  Pamela faces her many health issues including chronic pain and chronic fatigue with hope and an uncomplaining nature, and it was this happy and positive outlook that drew me to want to interview her.  I asked her 20 questions, and these are her most interesting answers:

1.  Were you healthy as a child?

I had all the typical kids’ illnesses – chicken pox, colds, ‘flu, etc, but wasn’t a “sickly” child. What I did notice is that it took me a longer time to recover after sports than other kids – I wasn’t especially athletic. I played field hockey, but tired out after running any great length, and was better at indoor floor hockey and volleyball, if I had to play something. I never enjoyed sports though – they always exhausted me. I preferred reading and doing arts…

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