In The Spotlight: John Mortimer’s Rumpole of the Bailey

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Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. One of the more iconic crime-fictional lawyers has been Horace Rumpole, made famous by Leo McKern.  Rumpole of the Bailey was a 7-series television show that began in 1975. Later, the show’s creator, John Mortimer, wrote a series of books and short stories based on the episodes. Let’s take a look at Rumpole today, and turn the spotlight on Rumpole of the Bailey, a collection of six Rumpole short stories.

Horace Rumpole is a barrister – a trial lawyer – whose main satisfaction comes from being in the courtroom, defending his clients. His wife Hilda (more about her shortly), and several of his friends and colleagues, believe he ought to have loftier ambitions, such as becoming a senior (Queen’s Counsel – QC) attorney, or even a judge. But Rumpole likes what he does.

This collection of stories tells…

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