Paul White: My Guest Author this week is an Author and an Editor

Check out this guest post from author and editor Paul White from this post on Jane Risdon’s blog.

Jane Risdon

Paul White

Author and Editor of CQI online magazine is my guest this week

and here he is in his own words:

Paul White

Paul says,

Tales of Crime & Violence,

Each story in this collection focuses on the characters, the people involved in the acts these stories reveal.

Whether they are the perpetrators, the victims or innocent bystanders caught in the maelstrom of the events,

we catch a glimpse, an understanding of their minds, their inner fears and wishes, the dreams, desires, doubts and

regrets they hold hidden within themselves.

Stories of robbery, murder, greed, and lust and more.

Tales of Crime and Violence ask questions of the participants and the reader;

‘The Phone Call’ examines the question of would you kill,

would you take another’s life to save your own family from almost certain death, and then asks how you would live with yourself after the event…

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