Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the shelves – Swimming for Profit and Pleasure (The Port Naain Intelligencer) by Jim Webster

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Congratulations to Jim Webster on the release of not just one novella but two.. The first book is Swimming for Profit and Pleasure (The Port Naain Intelligencer)

About the novella

Benor learns a new trade, joins the second hand book trade, attempts to rescue a friend and awakens a terror from the deep. Meddling in the affairs of mages is unwise, even if they have been assumed to be dead for centuries.

An early review for the book.

The tale starts with a description of squid autopsy procedures.

Then, we find out how Benor learns the skill of deep sea diving, and running a bookshop.

The story soon develops into a ‘Benor needs to find and rescue a friend’ theme.
Luckily, Kara Halon (who works for The Purveyors of Magic) is on hand and joins him…

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