An Extract from The Mother’s Day Mystery by Peter Bartram

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I’m so pleased to be able to share an extract from Peter Bartram’s latest book, The Mother’s Day Mystery because Peter has been such a regular here on Linda’s Book Bag that he feels like an old friend!

Although the giveaway on the post is now over, there’s a smashing post from Peter about finding the right reader for audio book versions of Murder in the Morning Edition, Murder in the Afternoon Extra, and Murder in the Night Final that you can read here. Peter has also provided guest posts about writing about a 1960s setting here, why he wrote a trilogy here and introducing his protagonists here.

Published on 9th November 2018, The Mother’s Day Mystery is available for purchase here.

The Mother’s Day Mystery

basic cover

There are just four days to Mother’s Day and crime reporter Colin Crampton is under pressure to find a front-page…

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