Brothers of Darkness Collector Cover is Retiring!

Check out the cool new cover for the book, Brothers of Darkness, by Joleene Naylor from this post on her blog.

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor


Do you still need/want the hand drawn Brothers of Darknesscover for your Amaranthine collection? If so, you have until December to get it, and then it’s gone.

You can get a copy direct from Amazon (for $11.00 plus S&H if you don’t have prime) or you can contact me to get a signed copy (Message me on FB or send me an email), though the signed copy costs more (because I have to pay double postage – once to ship to me and again to ship to you, making it $15.00 total)*.

*prices for US only. No idea what International is.

So get your collector copy today, before it’s gone!

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The “new” collector cover will look like:

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