In The Spotlight: Kirsten McDougall’s Tess

Kirsten McDougall’s Tess is in the spotlight in this post from the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. Today marks the last of our special looks at the finalists for this year’s Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Novel. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. Let’s turn this year’s last special Kiwi spotlight on Kirsten McDougall’s Tess.

As the novel begins, Lewis Rose is driving through the rain on his way to Masterton, in the Wellington region of New Zealand’s North Island. He sees a young woman walking along the road, getting more soaked by the minute, and stops to offer her a lift. She agrees and gets in the car. They chat a little, and when they get to Masterton, Rose drops her off not far from a nearby hostel. The next day, he sees her again when a group of local thugs starts to harass her. Rose rescues her, and takes her to his home, where…

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