Common Phrases

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L. R.'s Ink Well

I’ve been lacking creativity for a while now. My work in progress stories are constantly in the forefront of my mind and I’ve dabbled with a few revisions, but my writing seems to have frozen. So, I’ve dusted off a series of books that I haven’t read in a few years and started reading a month or so ago.

Almost instantly, I noticed common grammar errors in the New York Times #1 Best Selling Author’s series. Question marks outside of quotations when a character asked a question. Comma’s in the wrong place, etc. It annoyed me. When I see one mistake, I start looking for them throughout the books. I’ll be up front and honest, I’m far from perfect when it comes to the written English language, but you’d expect the next books in the series to be better than the first with the editing. This series was not.


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