The Archivist — Chapter 17

Check out Chapter 17 of Anna Dobritt’s book, The Archivist, from this post on her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 17

Lennie’s attention split between the room and Ryan. I wish I had selected someone else to do the photography. I don’t trust him any more. Sifting through the trash near the door, she stopped at a glint of silver. I think I’ve found another piece. With care, she withdrew the object and studied it in the light. More runes and several lines were evident. “Shannon, I found another piece.”

Her friend joined her. “I wonder what those lines are for? A picture, A map?”

She photographed and recorded her find. “Who knows? If it is a map, that would prove interesting. Did I mention I found a map drawn below the runes in the other room?”

“Somehow that slipped your mind.” She sat on the floor. “”I wish this place was air conditioned. I don’t like how the air smells and the humidity is killing me.”

“I noticed…

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