New Release: “Zyklon” by John Hazen

Check out the new release, Zyklon, by John Hazen, as featured in this post from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


John Hazen is one of my favourite indie authors as my many previous blog posts on him should prove. I’m delighted to announce his new release in the Fava series: “Zyklon”, which I had th epleasure of reading ahead of its release.

“Zyklon” is a gripping thriller with depth and plenty of rather contemporary themes and issues in it. For that alone it is worth reading.
Remarkable here is the figure of Reverend McKenzie, a controversial, Islam hating outsider in the presidential candidate race.
Our main heroine, Fran, is a journalist who has become a news anchor, chosing an easier albeit somewhat more boring life over investigative journalism. Her predecessor is covering the campaign of presidential candidate Peter Kent. While the focus on the campaign trails, a sinister serial killer, the so-called Zyklon murder, grabs our attention by killing five descendants of Nazis with Zyklon gas.
Fran can’t resist…

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