Staying in with Jonathan Whitelaw

Author Jonathan Whitelaw is featured in this post from Linda’s Book Bag Blog.

Linda's Book Bag

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Ever since I began blogging just over three years ago I have had a special place in my heart for Urbane Publications. Consequently, it gives me enormous pleasure to welcome another of their authors, Jonathan Whitelaw to Linda’s Book Bag to tell me about the latest of Urbane’s books today.

Staying in with Jonathan Whitelaw

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Jonathan. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

The pleasure is absolutely mine. Thank you very much for having me. Nothing I love more than a good night in – although I’m not sure the old me, which ironically was the YOUNG me, would agree. But I’m in charge now so yes, can’t wait.

(Ha! Absolutely. I’m very much the old me looking back at the young me and I wouldn’t have wanted an evening in then. Now, however…)

Tell me, which of your books have you brought…

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