2020 – A Year in Reflection – How did you cope?

Author Don Massenzio

2020 wiped us out even if we couldn’t find TP.

2020 was a unique year. If a modern day 2019 Nostradamus had predicted a world-wide pandemic, a circus of a election in the United States, Civil Rights protests at levels not seen since the 1960s, double hurricanes, murder hornets and many of the other bizarre items that I’ve either forgotten or blocked out of my mind, it would have been a short career for that prognosticator.

Too many bizarre things converged in this year just gone by. At the beginning of the pandemic, way back on March 19th of 2020, I posted the image below written by Laura Kelly Fanucci.

You can find that post HERE. I expressed optimism that the time quarantined at home (then estimated to be a few months) might actually teach us to appreciate ourselves and each other.

As I sat down to ponder the…

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