Historical Novel Review: “The Titans of the Pacific” by Robert Gammon

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The Titans of the Pacific

tells of the political and economical tribulations in Peru during the early 1930s. Historians will love this feast of details and the well researched account of Peruvian power struggles, while fiction fans get their fill via two love affairs caught in the middle of the wider political events.
I personally struggled in the beginning with the level of details and the set up of the rather complex political and personal backgrounds but then vastly enjoyed the book as all comes perfectly together.
With plenty of suspense and tension this is a
great effort that should appeal to readers who look to learn more about less watched countries.

Reviewed for the Historical Novel Society



by Robert Gammon

In 1930, the world was hurtling towards one of the most terrifying periods in human history. The Titans of the Pacific tells…

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