Check out the book, Whatever Happened to Eve?, by Shirley Blamey & Mike Steeden, as featured in this post from Mike Steeden’s blog.


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Shirley Blamey & Mike Steeden

“Clouds above, what is this bloke on? He only introduced a new book a week or so ago…now another? Is the man off his head?”

Probably I am, however in my defence this one is more than a tad different from its forebearer. Firstly, a poles apart genre; secondly, it is co-authored with Shirley Blamey. It’s name is ‘Whatever Happened To Eve?’

Eighteen months previous I commenced collecting ever willing words for this story. A third of the book complete, the new words arriving were a motley crew who took it upon themselves to mutiny. Plainly, I was left with little choice but to have them walk the plank.

Then a stroke of good fortune. It was in September last year, having suffered a freakish eye injury some months previous that had slowed my progress down to a snail’s…

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