Winter: Book Review

Check out this review of the book, Winter, by Marissa Meyer, as featured in this post from the Priceless Books Blog.

Forever Questioning

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.58.28 PMI’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished The Lunar Chronicles series. I understand that there are other stories like The Fairest and Stars Above. However, the main story was fit into the first four books so I will say that I’m finished with the series -for now. I’m happy to meet the newest member of Cinder’s rebel crew: Winter.

When the book first introduced her, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Winter seemed like a mystery to me at first -I wasn’t really sure what her intentions were. However, Winter grew to be probably one of the most innocent characters in the story. In some ways I grew impatient with her -she has so much power that she could use for good, but she just didn’t. Then after watching her character develop more, I grew more of a soft spot for her. From what I remember, Winter is still just…

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