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Author Don Massenzio

After years of writing, woman publishes 1st novel at 95

Delana Jensen Close was recently honored for a book that she finished last year at age 95.

In 1955, Delana Jensen Close began to write a book.

It’s finished now; it just took 63 years.

Close, who turned 96 in February, published her debut novel, “The Rock House,” last year, complete with a book signing at Senior Star at Dublin Retirement Village, where she is a resident. And recently, the book won an award for best historical fiction from the 2019 Independent Book Awards.

While Close hopes this isn’t her last book – two other novels are underway – she is relieved that her decades-long project is finished.

“It had to come out,” Close said, comparing the excitement of holding the first author’s copy to having a child. In the days after it was published, she literally treated it that…

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