Big Brother – A Serial – Part 1

Check out this new serial in this post from my author blog.

Author Don Massenzio


I started this serial way beck in September of 2018 and then, with the stress of a new job and other commitments, I never continued it.

I thought I would go back and post Part 1 and then try to continue the story in installments each week. So here is the re-post of Big Brother – Part 1


Big Brother


Julian Sanders sat at his station hunched over a high-end laptop that was provided to him by the ACA. His current target was an ultra-left-wing celebrity. It was his third one this month. The first two had been successfully taken down. These celebrities made it much too easy. For the most part, all Julian had to do was hack into their phones and home computers and find the damning content that was almost always there.

These technological novices thought that hiding behind an off-the-shelf firewall and a…

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