Being Royal Can Be Normal #shortfiction

Check out Being Royal Can Be Normal by Geoff Le Pard from this post on his blog.


‘Hello,I… Oh My God!’ Jemima Preston took a step back. ‘Are you…? I mean… Him?’

The balding, smiling man nodded, ‘Yep. William Windsor. You were expecting me? Odd Jobs For Normal People.’

‘Well, yes, I suppose. I did book for someone to come round only… Not you.’ Jemima felt her knees flex and she stumbled forward. As he caught her, she apologised.

‘No sweat. Happens all the time. Involuntary curtsying. Can’t be helped. They say it’s hardwired. So,’ he picked up the bucket, ‘where so I start?’


‘The note said cleaning? You’re expecting a cleaner?’

‘Yes… But…’

‘Then shall we?’

‘But you’re, you know,’ she glanced at her neighbour’s window, ‘royal.’ She added with a giggle, glancing at his head. ‘The heir.’

‘I wish.’ William brushed his sparse lock back in place. “Kate wanted me to use this gubbins Dad has made from peonies and ground commoners but it…

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