Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Pre-order Special Price The Prince’s Protégé: The Five Kingdoms: Book Three by Deborah Jay

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Congratulations to Deborah Jay on the upcoming release of the next book The Prince’s Protégé: The Five Kingdoms: Book Three due out on March 29th.. and on special offer at $3.95/£2.99.

About the book

Following on from The Prince’s Son, continue reading the gripping Five Kingdoms fantasy adventure…

In the aftermath of the devastating coup, King Marten strives to rebuild his subjects’ confidence in the throne, but not all his councillors believe the young monarch is ready to rule alone. An assassin’s stalking him, his closest advisor has been murdered, and rumours have surfaced that the malicious god’s cult is reborn.

As Marten grapples with a dark, personal secret, who can he trust?

Meanwhile, fledgling spy, Lady Betha, successfully infiltrates a conspiracy. However, getting back out alive with information vital to the king’s survival may prove beyond her capabilities.

And as Rustam and Risada search for Risada’s kidnapped son…

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