Stock Photo Challenge

Check out my stock photo challenge from my author web site.

Author Don Massenzio

There were some great submissions to my stock photo challenge last week. You can check out their stories at these links:

Peggy Wolf’s Submission, The 19th Hole – By Margot Kinberg,Friendship – By Michele Jones,The Pact – By Harmony Kent, Chicago Style – By Jo Hawk,All ways are Simon’s way – By Robbie Cheadle

I’m going to see if there are more responses this week as I post the fourth installment in this writing challenge.

Here is a review of the rules:

  • Write a story, poem or other type of prose of 100 words or less and post it on your blog.
  • If you leave the link for your blog post in the comments of this post, I will share it on my blog.

Here is the photo for this week’s Stock Photo Challenge

I look forward to your submissions for this one.

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