My Humble Review of “Switchblade” by Michael Connelly

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Michael D. Turashoff

Switchblade (Harry Bosch, #16.5; Harry Bosch Universe, #25.5)

Switchblade by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An excellent short story from the master in police procedurals/detective stories Michael Connelly featuring the greatest detective of all time Harry Bosch. In this book, Connelly is able to cram a whole novel worth of intrigue, suspense and thrills into 32 short pages.

Our cold case hero solves the mysterious death of a young man in the Hollywood area and brings well-deserved justice to him in a way only a master detective can.

For a great short tale that gives you all of the benefits of a full-length mystery I have grown to love from one of the greatest authors of our time, I highly recommend you give this one a spin. It is also a great read for those who haven’t had the chance to sample Connelly’s works and Bosch’s abilities.

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