Circumstantial Enemy by John Bell

Check out the book, Circumstantial Enemy by John Bell, as featured in this post from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


“Circumstantial Enemy” is a classic war drama of the “caught-between-the-devil-and-the-blue-sea”-type: Political convictions, ideology, love and loyalty bringing heartache and forcing inner turmoil.
20-year old Tony Babic already has two years’ experience as pilot under his belt. After previously fighting the Nazi’s under Serbian command, in 1941 Croatia becomes an independent state under Germany’s influence and Tony’s being interviewed to join the Croatian air force and fight against the Communist thread.
His training takes place in Germany, subsequent hospitalisation in Italy and eventual imprisonment in Illinois. All the while he corresponds with the woman who owns his heart: Katarina, whose political convictions are strongly against the Nazis.
The book offers plenty of perspective and reflection on choices, options and the course of history. Knowing that this is based on true events makes the story more poignant. An interesting insight into lesser known parts of WW2 history and a very enjoyable read.

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