Review / New Release: “The Summer of 1974” by Yael Politis

Check out this review of the new release, The Summer of 1974, by Yael Politis, as featured in this post from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


The Summer of 1974 (The Gavrielle Series Book 1) by [Politis, Yael]I’m delighted to welcome back another much respected writing colleague of mine:  Yael Politis.
I had the pleasure of reading her latest book in advance and here’s my review:

“The Summer of 1974” is a rich and rewarding read, the beginning of a new series by one of my favourite authors, Yel Politis. The novel is on the surface the attempt by a young Jewish woman to discover the identity of her father. Her mother only knew him briefly, died in child birth and left no name. Gavrielle’s search for her roots in a country younger than her often is poignant and stirs the emotions. But there is much more to this: while this search demands reflection and bravery proceedings get complicated by her romantic involvements as much as by the military conflicts of the time.
So in a way this is also the story of Israel and the…

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