An Extract from Arthur Dux Bellorum by Tim Walker

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I can’t believe it’s almost exactly a year since Tim Walker was last on Linda’s Book Bag. On that occasion, Tim was introducing his book Uther’s Destiny in a post you can see here. Tim had previously written a fabulous guest post about fiction and fear when the second book in his A Light in the Dark Ages series, Ambrosius: Last of the Romans, was published and you can read that post here.

I’m delighted that today Tim has allowed me to bring you the opening extract from his latest book Arthur Dux Bellorum.

Arthur Dux Bellorum was published on 1st March  2019 and is available for purchase here.


Arthur Dux Bellorum

Arthur Dux Bellorum ebook cover.jpg

From the ruins of post-Roman Britain, a warrior arises to unite a troubled land…

Britain in the late Fifth Century is a troubled place – riven with tribal infighting and beset by…

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