Mystery Mondays Review: “Horsing Around with Murder” by Maureen Fisher

Check out this review of the book review of Horsing Around with Murder by Maureen Fisher as featured in this post from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


I’m delighted to review Maureen Fisher ‘s latest crime novel, “Horsing Around with Murder”

This is a wonderfully warm, witty, cosy and gripping mystery. Three sisters fight for the survival of their equine farm. Just as the equine conference is about to start, which the sisters have high hopes for, an accident occurs that the ladies don’t think was just that, but murder.

The banter between the sisters, the fragile and strong sides to their characters makes the amateur sleuths lovable, relatable and very entertaining.

They encounter a lot of quirly characters at the equine symposium as you can imagine, making this an often hilarious and hugely entertaining read. There’s horses, secrets, romance, murder and weight loss devices. Fisher’s humour is brilliant and if you like a good laugh then this murder mystery is for you.

Abby, Dodie, and Clara Foster, three 60-something sisters, are astonished to learn they’ve…

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