Unanswered Verses by Tajammul Kothari

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Unanswered Voices

Regular Linda’s Book Bag readers know I’m very fond of poetry and I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the author Tajammul Kothari for sending me a copy of his second poetry collection Unanswered Verses in return for an honest review.

Unanswered Verses is available for purchase here.

Unanswered Verses

Unanswered Voices

Unanswered Verses is a collection of poems that strives to capture the varied emotions of life in its rawest form. It aims to indulge the reader in asking questions pertaining to the three entities that govern our lives. Namely the mind, the heart and the soul. Written in a simple and lucid manner, the book is divided into three chapters related to the attainment of peaceful bliss, love and worldly freedom.

My Review of Unanswered Verses

A collection of poems exploring the meaning of life from a very personal viewpoint.

Unanswered Verses is a moving and heartfelt…

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