In The Spotlight: Sarah Bailey’s The Dark Lake

Check out the latest book featured on the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist Blog as part of the In The Spotlight series. The book featured in this post is Sarah Bailey’s The Dark Lake

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vHello, Alll,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. Some crime novels have plots that weave the sleuth’s personal life in with the main crime/mystery. This sort of plot draws the sleuth into a case in a way that a less personally relevant case might. It’s not easy to pull such a personal/professional plot off, but it can be effective. Let’s take a look at this sort of novel now, and turn the spotlight on Sarah Bailey’s The Dark Lake.

Detective Sergeant (DS) Gemma Woodstock lives and works in the small New South Wales town of Smithson. She went to high school there, and knows a lot of the people in the area. The town is devastated one night when Rosalind ‘Rose’ Ryan, one of the teachers at Smithson High School, is murdered and her body found in a local lake. It’s a very difficult case for…

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