Our Life In A Day by Jamie Fewery

Check out this review of the book, Our Life In A Day by Jamie Fewery, as featured in this post from Linda’s Book Bag Blog.

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Our Life in a day

I have no idea which lovely publicist at Orion sent me a surprise copy of Our Life In A Day by Jamie Fewery, but I would like to extend my grateful thanks to them as its arrival was most welcome.

Our Life In A Day was published by Orion in ebook on 27th December 2018 and is available for purchase and paperback pre-order (April 2019) through these links.

Our Life In A Day

Our Life in a day

The rules are simple. Choose the most significant moments from your relationship – one for each hour in the day.

You’d probably pick when you first met, right?
And the instant you knew for sure it was love?
Maybe even the time you watched the sunrise after your first night together?

But what about the car journey to the holiday where everything started to go wrong? Or your first proper fight?

Or that time you lied…

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