In The Spotlight: Alonso Cueto’s The Blue Hour

Check out the book featured in the spotlight: Alonso Cueto’s The Blue Hour, from this post on the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist Blog.

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Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. One of the tragedies of war is that it has an impact long after the guns go silent. The effects on individuals and families often hit the hardest. And stories about those individuals often have the potency that larger descriptions of, say, battles, don’t always have. Let’s take a look at that sort of story today, and turn the spotlight on Alonso Cueto’s The Blue Hour.

Adrián Ormache is a successful Lima attorney. He’s got a beautiful, intelligent wife, a loving relationship with his two daughters, and a solid career – in short, a perfect life. Then, everything changes. His mother, Beatriz, suddenly dies. That in itself is sad enough, of course, as they had a good relationship. But there’s more. He’s going through some of his mother’s letters and other personal things when he finds a letter that completely…

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