How Far is Heaven – A Novel that will break your heart!

Check out the book, How Far is Heaven, by J.E. Spina, from this post on Janice Spina’s blog.


I wrote this novel, How Far is Heaven, under J.E. Spina many years ago before I retired. It was published in 2016. When I began writing it I cried to think of anything like this really happening to a family. As an author I took the liberty of portraying this family with so much tragedy and heartbreak that you too will be crying. This story came to me in a dream. Once I woke up I had to scribble down my thoughts before they were lost. I didn’t know how this story would end but it finally came to me as I typed away. Cover by John Spina. I hope you will enjoy it!

Please check it out on Amazon and read the reviews. Thank you for your support!

How Far is Heaven


Parker and Priscilla Wilfork are happily married with two children. Life seemed perfect and peaceful…

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