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Check out this post from Esther Chilton’s blog featuring author Geoff Le Pard.

Esther Chilton

This week’s Guest Writer is the fabulous Geoff Le Pard. Geoff has written several books, including novels, a memoir and short story collections. He has another entertaining collection of short stories coming out at the end of the month – Life in a Conversation, which is available to pre-order now. You’ll find a brilliant story from the collection below.

The Wisdom Of The Ages


Geoff Le Pard

The Frngg are
an unsuperstitious race, generally, except when it comes to the formalities and
procedures around dying. The one thing the Frngg are insistent upon is that
none of the accumulated wisdom of their people shall be wasted. If someone
knows which berries taste good and which turn your earlobes purple then they
want this passed down. One day someone will invent the biro and the ring binder
but until then the deathbed transfer will have to do.


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