Watch for New Children’s Book Coming from Jemsbooks!

Janice Spina has a new children’s book on the way, The First Star. Check out this post from her blog for details.


My husband, John, and I have been working on my first fairy tale which he kindly illustrated for me. I am excited about this book and hope children will love it. It is a rags to riches story. Watch for this book coming soon!

Here is the cover designed by John of THE FIRST STAR!

The First Star – A Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there were two children who loved their father so

much that they missed him terribly each time he had to go away to find buyers for his woodworking.

The two children, Chris and Kim, were each given a gift made by their

father to keep close to them until he could return. They worried whether he would return and prayed on the first star they saw each night that he would come home safely.

This story portrays the love that a…

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