Characterization Tips – Part II

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Author Don Massenzio

Yesterday, I wrote a post about characterization listing, in simple terms, some of the pitfalls that writers face as they create and develop characters. You can read it HERE. This post will revisit those pitfalls and give you some tips on how to repair them.

These are all practical lessons that I learned as I stumbled my way through seven books with two more on the way. I hope that you find them helpful. I appreciate the kind words and discussion after the first post.

Now, let’s revisit some of the issues identified in the last post with some potential solutions.

name word cloudBe consistent with what you call your characters – This one is simple. If you refer to your character as John Smith at the beginning of the book, then John, Johnnie, Jack and Smitty, simply stop doing it. Figure out the best way to refer to your character…

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