The Cave by Suzy Davies

Check out the book, The Cave by Suzy Davies, as featured in this post from Linda’s Book Bag blog.

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the cave

My grateful thanks to the author, Suzy Davies, for sending me a copy of The Cave in return for an honest review.

I previously reviewed another of Suzy’s books, Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid, here.

The Cave is available for purchase from Smashwords.

The Cave

the cave

Ancient Thai Mysticism and a modern-day tale of The Wild Boars Football Team and their leader’s adventure in a Thai cave are woven together in this young adult’s story of hope, courage, adventure, teamwork, bonds of love and survival.

My review of The Cave

Based on the real life rescue of the Thai boy football team from the flooded caves.

Although The Cave is billed as a young adult book and is a quick read, I think it can be enjoyed on many levels from around the age of 8 upwards, because a great deal of care has gone…

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