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Check out this review of The Only Story by Julian Patrick Barnes as featured on D.E. Haggerty’s blog.

D.E. Haggerty

Reading The Only Story reminded me of a meeting of my writing group when I was living in Istanbul. I was working on my novel Life Discardedat the time. When the novel starts off, Morgan is a bad girl – an extremely bad girl. Naturally, that started a discussion about writing a novel with characters readers hated. One of the ‘rules’ of writing – supposedly – is to keep characters relatable and likable. So, how do you write a story in which the characters are not likeable, but which readers want to read anyway? Julian Barnes has managed to pull off just that hat trick.

~ Blurb ~

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~ My Review ~

Based upon the blurb, The Only Story is not a novel I would have chosen to read. But when a book is written by an award-winning author and a book club pick, you go along with the…

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