In The Spotlight: Anne Meredith’s Portrait of a Murderer

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Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. One of the questions often raised in crime fiction has to do with motive, especially in novels where the crime is murder. Why does a person take a life? There are, of course a number of answers to that, but most readers want to know the ‘why’ as much as they want other answers. Anne Meredith’s Portrait of a Murderer explores the questions of what makes a person take a life, and how that choice affects others, so let’s turn the spotlight on that novel today.

The novel begins as the family of Adrian Gray gathers for Christmas at the family home, King’s Poplars. Present are his son, Richard, and Richard’s wife, Laura; his daughter, Amy, who keeps house for him; another daughter, Olivia, and her husband, Eustace Moore; another daughter, Isobel; his youngest son, Hildebrand ‘Brand;’ and his youngest…

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