An Extract from Eye Can Write and an Interview with Jonathan Bryan

Check out this Extract from Eye Can Write and an Interview with Jonathan Bryan as posted on Linda’s Book Bag Blog.

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Eye Can Write

As you know, I’m not taking on anything new for Linda’s Book Bag for a while, but when Jonathan Bryan got in touch to ask me if I would be part of a blog tour for his book Eye Can Write, with proceeds from the book going to Jonathan’s charity Teach Us Too, I simply couldn’t refuse. I think when you find out a bit more about Eye Can Write you’ll understand why and I am delighted to have an extract to share with you today.

I have found the story behind Jonathan’s writing truly inspirational and am genuinely honoured to be part of this blog tour.

Published by Lagom, an imprint of Bonnier’s Blink Publishing, Eye Can Write is available for purchase here.

Eye Can Write

Eye Can Write

Can you imagine not being able to speak or communicate?

The silence, the loneliness, the pain.

But, inside you disappear…

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