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Check out this review of the book, When I Grow Up by Jon Hales, as featured in this post from Linda’s Book Bag Blog.

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when I grow up

My enormous thanks to Jon Hales for sending me a copy of his latest children’s book, When I Grow Up in return for an honest review. It’s not quite a year since I read and reviewed another of Jon’s children’s books Mathimals in a post you can read here.

When I Grow Up was published on 17th December 2018 and is available for purchase here.

When I Grow Up

when I grow up

“What if there was something more, not found within a book?
I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and took a look…”

Mr Dove’s class is trying to decide what to be when they grow up but Annie has some ideas of her own. Alien Hunter? Master Ice Cream Taster? President of the Universe? With a little imagination, anything is possible…

Beautifully illustrated, expertly rhymed, with a powerful message about the importance of imagination and dreaming big dreams…

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