Marketing and Still Finding Time to Write

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Author Don Massenzio

MarketingThis issue is a difficult one for me and, I suspect, for many other independently-published authors. Let me first define what I mean by the term “independently-published author”. An independently-published author is one that is not using a literary agent, has not signed a deal with a traditional publisher, and is responsible for the editing, marketing, and promoting of their books.

If this sounds like you, then you fall into this category. Now, given the choice between writing, and the other peripheral activities I mentioned, I would prefer to only write and not worry about the other distractions. The reality for most of us is, unless you have unlimited funds, some or all of these tasks will fall on our shoulders.

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The difficulty with this for me is that I hate self-promotion, self-marketing, and blowing my own horn. The fact that I have to promote something that I created…

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