Reacting to Feedback

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Author Don Massenzio

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word FeedbackAs you dive into the world of self-publishing, one of the biggest fears that you must overcome is the reaction that you will get from those that read your work. For me, I had written a short story and kept it to myself for months before I finally shared it with my wife. I knew I could count on her for honest feedback. I knew she was aware of my writing ability from many of the business and personal documents I had either written or helped her with at home. Also, when I was an independent consultant, she often proofed the documents I produced.

This was different, however. I had invented my own story with characters, settings, and emotions. If she hated it, I would have probably quit going down this path. Luckily, she liked it and I continued on and gradually expanded the circle of people that I let read…

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