Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Buy a Book for Christmas #PsychologicalThriller #YAFantasy – Jaye Marie, Helen Jones, Alethea Kehas and Jean Lee

Check out what’s new on the shelves of Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore from this post on Sally Cronin’s blog.

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We are coming to the end of the Christmas promotions that have shared all the active authors in the Cafe and Bookstore, with just a couple more posts to go. Today some fabulous authors with books that would make great gifts for family and friends.

The first author has written a series as well as stand alone novels. As usual.. I will feature the first book in the series and here is Jaye Marie and The Ninth Life ( Murder Mystery Series ‘Lives’ Book 1)

About The Ninth Life

Nine Lives is the story of struggling and ageing artist Kate Devereau’s life as she tries to make sense of her often confusing existence. She needs to understand what has been happening to her, and why she seems to have cheated death on so many occasions.
To understand why she has been plagued by the mysterious, tormenting voice in her head…

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