Keeping a Writer’s Notebook – Do You? You should! – Part 1

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Author Don Massenzio

This blog post drills down into something I use quite a bit to generate ideas for stories and books. I used this idea early on, well before I wrote my first short story or book, because I knew I would be writing someday. My efforts were not highly organized until I found a book to help me maximize this tool. That book is The Writer’s Notebook by Ralph Fletcher. This book helps you organize your notebook and use the information you record for various purposes.

Here are some of the important things I learned from this book that I currently use:

Young Lover

Capturing Unforgettable Stories

The idea behind this tips is to observe those things that move you. You might be at a wedding or watching something in nature or on the news. Those events that, after they occur, continue to stay in your mind hours after you experience them are…

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