Interviewing Lucy Van Smit, Author of The Hurting

Meet Lucy Van Smit, Author of The Hurting, from this post on Linda’s Book Bag Blog.

Linda's Book Bag

The Hurting

I am so pleased to welcome Lucy Van Smit, author of The Hurting, to Linda’s Book Bag today. We have been ‘virtual’ friends for a while so it’s good to get to know one another a bit better. In a change from my usual staying in posts, we are having a more extended chat so let’s get started!

Staying in with Lucy Van Smit

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Lucy.

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Hurrah! Such a delight to be invited – I am in awe how you spend 4-5 hours a day blogging; helping readers and authors to find each other, thank you, Linda.

It’s been my pleasure to feature so many authors here Lucy – though I have to confess I am ready to take a short break and will be cutting back in 2019. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me before I do though!

There’s nothing better than…

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