“The Legacy of the Sky Pendant” by Jonathan Crayford

Check out this review of the book, he Legacy of the Sky Pendant by Jonathan Crayford, as featured on Writer Christoph Fischer’s Blog.


The Legacy of the Sky PendantToday I’m delighted to present (my first post Llandeilo Festival of Senses) book review and what would be more appropriate than to indulge in the book of a Llandeilo born author.

“The Legacy of the Sky Pendant” by Jonathan Crayford is the intriguing offering by a promising new voice in fantasy writing.
The book is the first in a series and consists of two parts. In the first Marcus defends his home town and country against malignant invaders with the help of the Sky Pendant’s energy. As an inexperienced yet resourceful young man he brings new ideas to wit to the struggle and soon earns the respect of king and country.

In the second episode the pendant is passed down to a generation 98 years later. In this story another young man also meets a challenge, although a fairly different one: winning a race against a tough competitor during a festival.

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