Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves for Christmas – Tallis Steelyard – Six Men in a Boat by Jim Webster

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Delighted to feature the latest release of Jim Webster, Tallis Steelyard – Six Men in a Boat who is currently in the middle of his book launch…. sharing stories from the book on his journey. His books will make terrific gifts this Christmas

About the book

Instead of his usual collection of anecdotes, this time Tallis presents us with a gripping adventure. Why is Tallis ‘run out of town’ by hired ruffians? Why does a very sensible young woman want his company when plunging into unknown danger? Who or what was buried in the catacombs? And why has there been so much interest in making sure they stay dead? Also featuring flower arranging, life on the river, and a mule of notable erudition.

A selection of other books by Jim Webster please visit Amazon to view them all.

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