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Meet Guest Author, Emily Klein in this post from The Story Reading Ape Blog

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My name is Emily Klein, and I’m an historical romance novelist. Rather, it happened to me by chance. That’s why I am a self- proclaimed accidental romance novelist.

I’m a mum of two. Four years ago, I gave birth to my youngest wee lass. She took many hours to eat, many hours to fall asleep. What’s an anglophile mum to do? I was swept away with musings and daydreams about forgotten times. I made up stories and they served me well, or rather, saved me.

Entire narratives came to me as I sat near my weeping babe. These took place in castles, in a land dear to my heart and inspired by the ballads I loved so well. But, busy, tired mum that I was, I had no time to sit and write them down.

The months passed, and my wee daughter now went to daycare. I had a short…

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