#GenreMashup Week #BookReview number 2: Atonement in Bloom by @teagangeneviene

Check out this book review of Atonement in Bloom by Teagan Geneviene as featured on Barb Taub’s blog.

Barb Taub

As promised in my genre mashup post here, my next genre mashup is a new book by one of my favorite writers. Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene offers her southern gothic urban fantasy paranormal mystery, Atonement in Bloom, Book 2 of her Atonement series.

“Seriously?” I hear you say. “Southern gothic urban fantasy paranormal mystery?” 

If you think this particular genre mashup could use a bit more explaining, read on for a repost from a few years back. [NOTE: for those who are already experts—or just want to see how an expert does it!—please jump down to the review of Atonement in Bloom below.]

How can you tell if you are a heroine in a gothic novel?

In 1764, Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto was published and the world of genre fiction was born.

Easy-peasy! Just look for the following elements:

  1. You talk funny. (“I have not…

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